Rita Angel Taylor

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves,” said Shakespeare.

11-year-old recording artist Rita Angel Taylor inherently understands this with her heart. Born in Brazil to an American father and Brazilian mother and fluent in Portuguese and English this tenderfoot girl knows the meaning of destiny, even if she doesn’t yet fully comprehend the definition.

By age six, Rita had booked her first audition as a co-star on Nickelodeon's teen sitcom Sam & Cat. The popular TV show was canceled after Rita's first episode but it would still make a significant impact on her career. After meeting superstar singer/performer Ariana Grande on-set, Rita was inspired to follow in Ariana's footsteps so she made the tearful decision to take a break from acting to pursue her newfound musical interests.

Only one year later, Rita had become a proficient guitarist and pianist and was anxious to start performing live. Like most kids her age, inspiration came from a familiar place – YouTube. After seeing a video of a young street performer in front of the infamous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, it was not long before Rita, now inspired, had convinced her parents to allow her to do the same thing on the world-famous Fremont Street, not far from the iconic Bellagio fountains. Her resolve to make it as a singer/performer was unshakable. And in less than a year, Rita, now known as the performer RAT, had become one of the top street performers in the city.

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Her beautifully unique voice, extraordinary vocal range combined with her natural showmanship and advanced musical talents, which included playing the guitar, piano and ukulele, and her ability to sing in three different languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) always drew incredible crowds and from time to time irritation from her fellow street performers. As Rita's crowds grew so did visits and phone calls from Hollywood talent agents and managers. But one manager in particular won Rita's heart and the trust of her parents. She was Lori Knight at Knight Light Entertainment. Joel Goldman, Executive Director of Entertainment Industry Strategy & Relations at CARE, had heard about Rita through a mutual friend and tipped off Lori to RAT’s growing popularity.

Rita is now 11 years old, in the seventh-grade, and already taking high-school level courses. She loves charitable causes, especially helping impoverished children, in part because of her mother and extended family growing up underprivileged in the Northeast Region of Brazil. And as a result of her burning passion to help the needy, CARE appointed Rita as its youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador. Rita also cherishes the time she spends with her family and friends. And, she is once again pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles, CA, in addition to her continued pursuit of a music career.

After taking three years off from acting to develop her musical talents, Rita has reason to be encouraged with both of her career paths. Since returning to acting Rita has landed a recurring guest star role on the TV Land sitcom TEACHERS, she has received praise from upper management at the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Producers for NBC’s America's Got Talent, and she has appeared in several nationally televised commercials. Through it all, Rita still finds time for songwriting and artist development. She is preparing for her musical debut in March 2019 with her girl empowerment anthem FOR MY GIRLS. She is theatrically represented by Paradigm Talent Agency, located in Los Angeles, CA.


Rita Angel Taylor - Teachers - Playing the Partum

Rita Angel Taylor
Teachers - "Playing the Partum"

Rita Angel Taylor - McDonald's Commercial

Rita Angel Taylor
McDonald's Commercial

Rita Angel Taylor - Teachers - Gender Bender

Rita Angel Taylor
Teachers - "Gender Bender"

Rita Angel Taylor - Sam & Cat - KnockOut

Rita Angel Taylor
Sam & Cat - "KnockOut"


Rita Angel Taylor - Girls with Opportunities

RAT and Her Song "For My Girls" Chosen for #HerInHero Campaign

Rita Angel Taylor
Rita Angel Taylor - Artisan Associations of Morrope and Túcume

RAT visits the Artisan Associations of Morrope and Tucume, Peru

Rita Angel Taylor
Rita Angel Taylor - Girls with Opportunities

RAT visits the program "Girls with Opportunities" in Lambayeque, Peru

Rita Angel Taylor
Partnership with RAT and

RAT becomes the youngest Goodwill Ambassador for

Rita Angel Taylor